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I take 50% upfront via invoice and I don't work without a contract.

I do not release my artist and creator rights.

Copyrights can be negotiated in the contract, please state this upfront if you want a certain right (redistribution, reproduction, commercial, broadcasting and transmission). *Can be also amended after a commission has been placed or anytime thereafter subject to compensation.

If you'd like to place a commission with me please provide the following when enquiring: 
Brief, coloured/mono, what style you're looking for:

Negotiable factors (price):
I don't compete with the prices of other artists, so please keep negotiations to the following factors as prices can vary based on the following:

- bit quality (8, 16, 32 bit) and file type (tiff, png, jpeg0

- resolution (3k, 2k, 1k)

- turnaround time (fixed vs open ended)

- Coloured (limited, monochrome, bw)

If you have questions pls enquire.

My base prices include the following for each category:

1 32-bit lossless tiff image
lossless 16-bit png
1 8-bit png and jpeg
3 sketch revisions, 3 revisions after final has been presented

Illustration Commissions


Pick the right illustration size according to these references.





Screenshot 2019-02-24 at 00.16.11.png



Pick the right style type according to this



  • no colourbanding

  • high detail & texturing

  • polished dynamic environmental and subsurface lighting

  • smooth blending and depth of field

  • coloured

Base prices: 
- 400 £ (Headshot)

- 600 £ (Halfbody)
- 700 £ (Fullbody) 

Turnaround time: 1-1.5 months.


  • no colourbanding

  • medium detail & texturing

  • dynamic environmental and subsurface lighting

  • coloured

Base prices: 
- 250 £ (Headshot)

- 400 £ (Halfbody)
- 450 £ (Fullbody) 

Turnaround time: 1-2 weeks


  • no colourbanding

  • low detail & texturing

  • environmental  lighting

  • monochrome, bw or triadic

Base prices: 
- 75 £ (Headshot) 

- 150 £ (Halfbody)
- 200 £ (Fullbody) 

Turnaround time: 1-7 days

Dragon1-Recovered1-Recovered-4-3-1-1 - X4.jpg


  • no colourbanding

  • medium detail & texturing

  • polished dynamic environmental and subsurface lighting

  • smooth blending and depth of field

  • coloured, simple background

    *photographic images must be provided for anatomical reference, along with a detailed description. Other artistic references can be provided, but not necessary. Enquire for more info.

Base prices: 
- 150 £ (Headshot)

- 200 £ (Halfbody)
- 300 £ (Fullbody) 

Turnaround time: 1-2 months.


1 Additional revision: 10 £ (GBP) - (does not include a whole rework of image)

Complex Background: 25 £ (GBP). Please enquire if unsure. 

Additional Character: 50% of base price.

Complex patterns, embroidery, embellishments, engravings, and tattoos - 35 £ (GBP)


  • 50% upfront payment                                


  • final payment upon completion                                                                                      

    • (watermarked final presented, unwartermarked will be linked upon receiving final payment)


  • 3 sketch revisions, 3 final revisions​

  • Termination/kill fee (% of deposit retained upon cancellation) 

    • (50% prior to starting, 100% after sketch has been accepted)

  • Rush-fees

    • POLISHED - 1 week (168hr) turnaround - 200%

    • UNPOLISHED - 48hr turnaround - 200%

    • DRAFT - 12 - 24hr turnaround - 150%


  • Non-payment

    • failure to pay, and respond to communication thereafter within any 1-month period will result in your deposit being retained, the commission cancelled, and your rights to the artwork and concept being revoked. 


  • The contract will outline the scope of the commission, the duties of the artist and client, and the rights of both parties and serves as proof of work completed and as a certificate of authenticity

    • it can be used to refer to the artist (me) for future enquiries on the client's behalf, and provides proof of the client's ownership. 

      To avoid theft, and prevent others from claiming ownership it is therefore important that the client does not share copies with anyone other than the artist. ​

      The contract also allows you to request an extension of any below listed rights in the future for your commissioned piece, should you need it.

Securing the return of your deposit should I fail to deliver on the terms of the commission agreement: 


RIGHTS (additional)

  • Commercial rights 

  • Reproduction rights

  • Rental or lending rights

  • Distribution rights

  • The right to communicate the work to the public by broadcasting or electronic transmission

A contract serves to protect the interests of the buyer and artist for the duration of the commission and thereafter.

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